The Khaki Clones Left to right: Kristen,Chrissy (Middle)& Kirsten

Chrissy, Kirsten, and Kristen (more commonly known as "The Clones") are Nikki's Former & Scott's co-workers at The Khaki Barn and are her second worst nightmares.


General Information
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Age 18 (6teen)
Gender Female
Occupation(s) The Khaki Barn (Assit. Manager)
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Relatives/Friends Kristen
Nikki Wong (Former co-worker)
Scott Spencer (Co-Worker;(Less) Crush)
First Appearance Take This Job and Squeeze It (6teen)

Your not the only one (7teen)

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Voiced by Emilie-Claire Barlow

Chrissy's the manager of the Khaki Barn, and the somewhat leader of the other two Clones. She's also the most intelligent (which is a stretch at best, as all three Clones are depicted as being not very smart). Despite all looking nearly identical, Chrissy has short darker blonde hair and blue eyes,She is eighteen years old (Then Nineteen), and therefore is two years older than Kristen and Kirsten. Chrissy is voiced by Emilie-Claire Barlow


Kirsten has her blonde hair tied up in a pony tail with a blue-green hair elastic and brown eyes.She is voiced by Stephanie Mills


Kristen has long blonde hair with a blue headband and green eyes. She is voiced by Lauren Lipson.



In "Over Exposed", Chrissy leaves the Khaki Barn and begins working at the Soft Rock Café, which she truly enjoys. Kirsten and Kristen begin looking up to Nikki, until Chrissy comes and wins them back. The Clones highly contrast with Nikki, as Nikki is individualistic and they are dependent (with the exception of Chrissy). The Clones are all intimidated by Nikki. Once, Chrissy attempted to brainwash Nikki into being more of a Clone, resulting in Nikki returning to her normal self after a glance in the mirror. Despite disliking Nikki’s attitude and personality, The Clones have (on two occasions) begged Nikki to take her job back. Despite disliking Nikki in many ways, The Clones really love Nikki because her lack of work ethic lets them have all the sales.

The Clones have on occasion made a fool of Nikki. In one episode, when Nikki was trying to convince a customer not to buy a large afghan that looked ridiculous on her, The Clones rebuffed her by saying "Just look what she's wearing", making the customer think that Nikki dresses badly. On another, they tricked her into letting them take a bad photograph of her to go all across Khaki Barn as their "Fashion Don't." Nikki responded by tricking The Clones into doing embarrassing things by claiming they are orders from head office.


Chrissy and her co-workers has re-opening the Khaki Barn after Nikki left last six months ago. She hired Scott to work for them as a Khaki boy. Kristen and Kirsten are reveled as twin sisters (exept Chrissy,She is possible older cousin or half sister).