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7teen is a series with a direct sequel to 6teen. This Story is about a New Protagonist,Scott Spencer, to discover what happen for the next 300 days. A story (unllike the previous) has a new adventure,Horror Action, more romance and new sitcom. This series is diffenent  and it will be darker,more fighting or Battle and mystery secrets. They were developed by two creators of 6teen and Detentionaire. The music of Shin megami Tensei series, Shoji Meguro and Shihoko Hirata, and random music. for Opening theme "No plan B" by Manafest for 7teen: The Animation.


Everything has Change in the Mall seen Nikki Moved to Iqaluit, a new Guy,Scott, has just moved in to visit his aunt and makesnew  friends with Jonesy and  others. 2 days later at the mall, Scott has a terrible to see people turning into full dark bodies (Red demon eye,Full Darker skins and Outfits), Known as shadow skins. It only way to stop the dark selfs or demons and save them with his friends to fight their own lifes.

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